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We Believe in Immersive Experiences

Immersive stories have the power to alter people's lives more than any other medium. Today’s immersive technology can draw consumers into deeply engaging game sagas and complex narrative journeys only comparable to lucid dreams or hyper real life. Our quest at Wevr is to create transcendent globally shared immersive stories that are inspiring and remarkable.

We tell our stories through realtime software simulations

Our team is born from the use and development of software to create great stories and experiences. We see the world as a balance and blend of powerful storytelling coupled with technology. We push story and core emotional ideas and realize them by engineering magical software, rendering these stories in real-time for our users. This is Wevr’s DNA.

Immersion is increasingly shaped by software. Software enables new methods to create and express stories, gameplay, characters and worlds. Beyond projecting images on a screen or the playback of sounds, delivering immersion and presence requires the integration of input and response systems only possible with software.

Wevr makes software that deliver memorable stories and moments. We call these software-based stories “simulations”. We have established a creative storytelling practice based on an immersive software development methodology that we have been refining for years. A methodology that comprises balancing agency and narrative, a multi-sensory design approach, and an obsession on the emotional arc induced by the experiences we create.